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Essential words to learn when you go on wintersport holiday to Iran

Iran is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. If you’re planning a winter holiday there, it’s a good idea to learn a few key words and phrases to help you navigate your way around and make the most of your trip.

Basic Iranian words

  1. “Salaam” – This is the word for “hello” in Persian, and it’s a polite way to greet people when you first meet them.
  2. “Mamnoon” – This means “thank you” and is a useful phrase to know when you’re making purchases or interacting with locals.
  3. “Khahesh mikonam” – This phrase means “I’m sorry” and is useful if you accidentally offend someone or make a mistake.
  4. “Lotfan” – This word means “please” and is a polite way to ask for something or request a service.
  5. “Che khabar?” – This phrase means “How are you?” and is a common way to start a conversation with someone.
  6. “Man be man gharar daram” – This phrase means “I understand” and can be useful when trying to communicate with someone who speaks limited English.
  7. “Man goftam” – This phrase means “I said” and can be used to clarify or repeat something you’ve said.
  8. “Man nemishe midoonam” – This phrase means “I don’t understand” and is a polite way to ask for clarification when you’re confused.
  9. “Be khoda kar” – This phrase means “goodbye” and is a polite way to end a conversation or leave a place.

If you’re planning also a skiing holiday in Iran, there are a few essential words and phrases you should learn to help you navigate the ski resorts.

  1. “Ski” – The word for “ski” in Persian is “ski”, so that’s an easy one!
  2. “Barf” – This is the Persian word for “snow” and will come in handy when discussing the snow conditions.
  3. “Pasokh” – This means “ticket” and is important when buying lift tickets or passes.
  4. “Baste” – This means “rental” and is important when renting equipment at the ski resorts.
  5. “Ghorbanat” – This word means “Instructor” and is useful when looking for ski lessons or guidance on the slopes.
  6. “Eshtebah” – This word means “safety” and is important to know when discussing safety precautions or rules on the slopes.
  7. “Gaz” – This word means “ski lift” and is important when getting on and off the ski lifts.
  8. “Zir-e-sefid” – This phrase means “off-piste” and is important for skiers who want to venture off the groomed trails.
  9. “Khab-e-barf” – This phrase means “snow depth” and is important for discussing the snow conditions.
  10. “Sar-e-barf” – This phrase means “snow line” and is useful when discussing the elevation at which snow starts to appear.

By learning these words and phrases, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with locals and make the most of your skiing holiday in Iran.

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