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Pioneering the world per ski

Are you an explorer looking for a unique and raw ski experience unlike any other? Look no further! At Skioneers, we provide the best service, a worry-free experience, and the most adventurous ski experience you have ever had in our unique and raw wintersports travel destinations all over the world.


From discovering fresh powder and amazing pistes to being introduced to new cultures, food, and people, your journey with us will be full of adventure. Join us in an organized or individual tour to one of our unique destinations and let us show you a side of the world that you never knew existed!


Enthusiasm, passion, and exploration are the key ingredients of our Skioneers experience. So, come join us and let’s explore the world together!

Worry free adventure

We create easy-to-follow itineraries full of exciting activities, PLUS we’ve got your back with 24/7 local and remote support in case of anything.

Snow guaranteed

With all our destinations, you can be sure to experience the best skiing and snowboarding fun. Get ready to hit the amazing slopes and enjoy the thrills of wintersports!

Unique destinations

Discover destinations that will completely alter your perspective of the world. These life-changing experiences will encourage you to explore more of the unknown!

1 day, 1 tree

For every day you stay with us, we plant one tree with Oxfam Novib in Niger. Planting trees helps reduce global warming, fight soil erosion and provide a home for animals and people.

About Skioneers

In January 2019, I took a leap of faith and decided to go snowboarding all by myself in a place I’d never been before: Iran.

When I arrived at the ski resort of Dizin, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. The old gondolas, the powdery snow, the culture, and the beauty of the country blew away all my pre-assumptions and I just knew – I wanted to explore more of what this amazing world had to offer.

That photo? That’s me, taken in that moment of pure enchantment – the moment I fell in love with Skioneering. I couldn’t help but be enthused about the stunning views and the limitless possibilities that lay ahead.

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